Sunday, July 8, 2007

Poetry in Motion -- Is Democracy...

We had about 16 peace rally people this past Friday July 6, 2007 including 6 who helped with our Poetry in Motion project where 6 individuals held 6 signs that collectively formed a poem. The rally was at a busy intersection in Sunnyvale. We had US flags and peace signs waving. We got hundreds of positive honks, hundreds of other cars whizzing by with no comment, and just one person who gave us the finger.

Here is a picture of the signs that the 6 people held during the rally.

The poem itself reads:

Is Democracy...
...forced on others?
...freely chosen?
...for the people? the people?


Teresa R Hernandez said...

Hello....we also are Peace Warriors. We also live in Sunnyvale.
We are Hearts and Hands our mission statement at

Please let us know when you have your next Peace Poetry in Motion event - my children and I would like to participate. I am a teacher and I actively promote Democracy, Peace and Human and Civil Rights.

Tim Oey said...

We have monthly peace rallies in Sunnyvale -- currently the 3rd Friday of each month from 6-7pm at the corner of Fremont and Mary. For more information please see:

Tim Oey said...

BTW, if anyone comes up with a short peace poem that they would like "performed", please post/send it to me and we'll endeavor to use it at one of our Sunnyvale Peace Rallies.